First of all Spyderman Exhaust is a one man operation. I'm the designer, welder, painter, website builder, product shipper and floor sweeper. This is my hobby/passion that I enjoy to the fullest.
Spyderman Exhaust is a dream come true. I'm working at my own pace doing what I love. I own a Spyder F3T and so  does my wife. I have been in the automotive exhaust business for over 40 years so I joined my two interests to build performance cat-delete exhaust systems.  My premier  design is a Stainless Steel Muffler that uses fiberglass as the dampening agent. The current model is a 5", 2 way adjustable muffler . The 2 way adjustable is baffle in it's very mild, baffle out it's  "wild".  The mufflers also are tightly wound with fiberglass and packed in with perforated metal so it never needs repacking.  I currently run this type cat-delete system on my personal F3T. 

​    I use a mig welder that uses steel for the welding process. It will rust so what I recommend to my clients is install the stainless steel muffler band clamp around the weld between the muffler and the pipe. I wire brushed mine to make it shine as well. 

I am currently working on a Black Carbon Fiber Muffler system that is a 3 way system. It  will utilize a high heat painted black front pipe.

Removing the cat. converter might be illegal in some states so check with your local laws before purchasing one.  Most Motorcycles don't receive a smog test but you be the judge. 

  We now have some chrome tips and a performance   muffler for the very popular Spyder ST's
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